Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jumping Rope

"Cinderella,  dressed in 'yella,  went upstairs to kiss a fella..." Come on, don't act like you don't know this one.

You will hear me say it time, and time again! I'm in love with jump roping! There is nothing better for you than jumping rope! I'm obsessed with it! It's fun, and it really is a great workout. Jumping rope is a FULL BODY workout, and nothing burns more calories for a longer duration of time! Studies show that jumping rope for just two minutes can boost your metabolism for the whole day!

The act of jumping rope will only burn about the same amount of calories as, say, taking a run, for example. So, at first, it's hard to understand why everyone is so into it. BUT, the key to the jump rope secret is that it can increase your metabolism and work every muscle in your body.

...Literally, every muscle in your whole body is activated while jumping rope!!

My secret-
Since jumping rope is really tiring, and cardio is really not my strength, I like to work it in between weight circuit sets which helps to maximize it's impact and because i need a breather to recover (Honestly, I could probably jump rope for a about 5 minutes before I'd just pass out)!This works like a tabata workout, or a high-lo workout. intervaling intense cardio with weight training maximizes calorie burn.

Also, John Basedow does it, maybe.
I've heard, from a reliable source, that John Basedow goes to the gym and can be seen there just jumping rope for hours. Seriously, that might be true.