Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Let's face it, you're an alcoholic, but it doesn't mean you need to wear a beer belly around.

I'm a girl who likes to drink. I work in field where alcoholism is the norm, and half of the rules governing the profession are on how to deal with such problems. I'm not an alcoholic by any means, but I enjoy a drink, and what I do not enjoy is the high caloric intake of fluids. I like to get my calories in my food, not what I drink. I'm not drink-orexic, what I call girls who literally consume all of their calories in alcohol and call it not being anorexic.


I'm also not fat


I enjoy an espresso martini from time to time, I'll admit, just as I enjoy a diet coke from time to time. But I try to never drink anything over a hundred calories, unless it's from my home juicer ;)

While we are on the subject of juicing, I love to use my juicer to make bloody mary's, sangria, and margaritas. I don't feel bad about the calories at all.

Basically,  my rules are the following:
  • drink it straight, or mixed with soda water or water with a squeeze of citrus.
  • if i get drunk durring the week, i do twice as much cardio on the weekend.
  • if i do indulge in a high calorie drink, just have one.
  • drink beer extremely rarely
  • drink soda extremely rarely
  • I can have as much red wine as I want (because I'm Italian).
also here is a great link for low cal cocktails :) Enjoy!