Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spin Class

"Get up out of the saddle, double time, for all those times you wish you could be working out and you couldn't!" -things they yell at you in spin class.

So, I took my FIRST spin class this weekend, at Santa Cruz Power Fitness. I was expecting it to be super tough and literally exhausting, but it actually was not what I expected at all. Spin class just sounds super intense to me. I've walked by spin classes before and seen all those crazy people sweating bullets on their bikes for longer than I'm pretty sure I could even ride a bike down the street.

...But here's the thing, it's not like riding a bike down the street, it's like riding a stationary bike, because that's what your doing!

Also, I've said it before, but I'm not a big cardio person. I hate it and I usually have to kind of trick myself into doing it. I honestly really didn't think I would get that great of a full workout from spinning. I mean, I figured it would be just one really long cardio workout. But, it wasn't!

The Truth About Spinning
It's not so intense of cardio that you can't do it, believe it or not. Spining has its bursts of cardio, but also is a good muscle workout too! I am actually even mildly sore in my legs today from it, which is a big deal for me! I think riding a stationary bike for an hour, is way easier than people think, and especially with all the motivational stuff they yell at you in class, the music, and constantly changing what your doing on your bike, the time goes by pretty fast! By the end I could still breathe, my heart rate was up, but not TOO high, and I did get in some new muscle work. All in all, pretty good!

I'll definitely be going back for more.

If you haven't tried it, I highly recoomend that you at least give one spin class a shot to see what it's all about! It's well worth the time.

The one thing though, my butt was killing from the uncomfortable seat. Maybe try sitting on a towel? I don't know. Also, to be fair, I do have a rather large tush, so that tiny seat could barely accomodate me. If yout hinny is tiny, it may be a whole nother story.